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2023 Year in Review

Hello CrewLAB community!

Congratulations on completing another great year. I (and really everyone) at CrewLAB wish you all a huge thank you for being a part of our global community in 2023.

2023 was the biggest year yet for CrewLAB. We now have thousands upon thousands of active rowers, runners and swimmers in the CrewLAB world from well over 100 different teams, and the exciting new partnership with USRowing will only see that number dramatically increase. 

What I have learnt from coaches in 2023 is that the best teams are built on two key elements. Maintaining Hope for athletes, and cleverly allocating Coach Attention at the right time to the right people. Getting those two things right is the key to athlete retention, learning resilience, and optimising performance.

That is what CrewLAB has continued to infuse into the app over the last year! Keep bringing your ideas and solutions to us, and let us start to build you the software you need to be successful.

Here's the (much awaited) activity totals:

  • Someone logged mood and sleep for a streak of 93 days. (my best was only like 45 days)
  • We logged 335,578,923 meters of rowing (almost the distance to the moon!) 🌛
    • and 168,056,736 meters of running, swimming and other fun ways to move (over 4 laps of the Earth)
  • Our most productive day of the week for workouts was Wednesday
    • and yet oddly Tuesday was the day we send the most likes to our teammates. 🤔
  • We took a combined 2.3 days worth of cool videos

Some CrewLAB milesones:

  • Became an official signed partner of USRowing - the largest NGB for rowing in the world.
  • Started to serve new sports, with teams in swimming and running now on CrewLAB.
  • Added teams from two new countries (hello Australia and New Zealand!) 🌏

Looking Forward

2024 promises to be our best year yet. We have a winning team firing away and are consistently inspired by you - our growing list of rowing coaches that are BOUGHT IN and FIRED UP.

In the coming weeks we want to support you and your coaching even more, so make sure to sign up for our coach newsletters and come and say hi at the next regatta, swim meet or track race you see us at.

Thank you again for your belief in our team. We hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year.

- Simon Hoadley, CrewLAB Founder & Head Coach

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