Advice from the Greats. “The score takes care of itself” - Bill Walsh

Bill Walsh is a legend - three Super Bowl championships on a shoestring & the creation of the West Coast offense revolutionized how football was played.

In a nutshell, Bill believed:

  1. In an innovative approach to football. He used game film and statistical analysis to make the best decisions possible.
  2. The importance of a strong organizational structure and clear chain of command.
  3. The role of the head coach as the leader of the team, setting the tone for the entire organization.
  4. The development of a winning culture through focus on process, preparation, and attention to detail.
  5. The value of character and discipline in players, and the need to select players who fit into the team's culture.
  6. The importance of communication and trust within the team, and the need for everyone to be on the same page.
  7. A "The Standard of Performance," a set of expectations for every aspect of the team's performance, from the way players carry themselves to the way they execute on the field.

Bill Walsh was an American football coach who served as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers from 1979 to 1988. During his tenure, Walsh led the 49ers to three Super Bowl championships, six NFC Championship Games, and an astounding 10 division titles. He is widely credited with revolutionizing the game of football with his innovative approach to offense, which he called the West Coast Offense, and his use of game film and statistical analysis to make decisions. Walsh was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1993.

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